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The hair on the head is thinning.. it changes the whole look of the hair. It doesn't matter if the hair is not long. Hair fall is high and hair growth is low but hair is thinning. Especially nowadays many people have problems of hair fall. Excessive pollution, stress, hard water, lack of physical activity, nutritional deficiencies, allergies, hormonal imbalance, improper hair care, and genetic defects can cause hair loss. While giving external nutrition to the hair.. we have to get the nutrients needed by the hair from our food. Now let's know about the 3 recipes that help your hair with internal and external care.

1. The Hair oils For Healthy Hair

I've done a tiny bit of research on various oils that are used on hair. I thought I would present the modest amount I've learned and let the rest of you add on with your information. This should help people decide what oils might work best for them and why.

One thing I know about coconut oil is that it is said to help prevent protein loss when washing hair. Therefore it seems a good oil to use in your hair the night before or at least as a pre-treatment about an hour before shampooing.

As far as different oils working better for certain hair types, I wonder how much of it has to do with how the oils work on the hair. Some oils penetrate the hair shaft and other oils sit on top. These are the oils and qualities that I know so far.

Straight chain glycerides that penetrate:

  • Coconut
  • Olive
  • Avocado
  • Palm 
  • Kernel
  • Camellia
  • Sweet Almond
  • Castor Oil

Oils that partially penetrate:

Meadowfoam seed

Polyunsaturated oils that sit on top of hair:

  • Jojoba
  • Sunflower
  • Grapeseed
  • Sesame
  • Broccoli Seed

If one is wanting an oil to fortify the hair strand somewhat, then it seems one of the oils in the first classification might be best. If one is trying to seal moisture in or keep humidity out, then I wonder if one of the oils in the latter class might be best. If one wants to do both, then it seems that a light oiling with an oil in the first class, followed by a light sheen of an oil from the second class might be what is called for.

Anyway, I think this might give you all some things to consider when figuring out how to use oil for your hair routine. Anyone with something to contribute to this thread is encouraged to add what you know. If we get enough of a body of new information I will try to incorporate it into this first post so that people searching for this information won't have to wade through a long thread to find what they need.


2. The much-recommended SMT (Snowymoon's Moisture Treatment)

Figured we should get basic directions for an SMT up since noobies tend to get directed to it quite often. This isn't my recipe -- LHCer Snowymoon came up with it, and it's a great moisture treatment that many of us swear by.

SMT Recipe

  • 4 parts conditioner
  • 1 part honey
  • 1 part clear aloe gel

Heat in the microwave for a few seconds til it's warm, then apply to wet or dry hair (especially the ends). Cover hair with a shower cap/shopping bag/clingy food wrap/whatever, and let it sit for as long as you can stand it (30 minutes to overnight). Rinse out, do not shampoo.

A few notes:

Conditioners work best when they have minimal protein. Many people also avoid conditioners with silicone compounds for this. (I haven't experimented with protein ones, so that's word-of-mouth. I think protein-containing conditioners are likely to give lumpy, blobby results.)

No, the honey shouldn't leave your hair sticky. Try it with the honey first.

Aloe gels should be free of alcohol and numbing agents. Usually, the clear ones (as opposed to the green and blue ones) are best in this regard.


3. Cherry burgundy hair color

After 35 years of using henna & glosses it was turning to ORANGE due to increased silvers. Here is my starting color under florescent lights

- I wished to experiment with other herbs to try & shift the color to more blue-red versus orange red

Did it work?

- yes, my hair soaks up color like a sponge and I successfully got a bright cherry cola ( NOT BURGUNDY)

But the color didn't cover completely on the first try. Here is my hair with mixed colors of orange and cherry cola/ burgundy

How did I do it?

first used 100 grans Deep Red from The Henna Guys on my roots and hair as a gloss using yogurt (which I'll never use again) but later did a full gloss using organic full-fat coconut milk from a can ( made a thread about it $ it worked great. Hair was colored, silky, soft, and shiny and it was easy to apply and rinse.

Did it bleed at all?

Yes! Especially use this brand of henna It says it's henna & hibiscus and it stains exceptionally well but the Burgundy had 5% indigo and stained even darker because I had both and tried them - this henna didn't need any dye release time, didn't smell like henna and in my opinion was questionable so I stopped using it - the company added indigo to their burgundy mix without notice or changing the label

What other henna did I try?

Nupur ( darker orange )from Amazon is great henna but has 9 other ingredients so henna is diluted in some

Moroccan - ( dark copper orange ) from Henna Sooq- quick-release dye = quick demise, can't freeze it

- Jamilla ( very orange ) from Henna Sooq - dependable color but too orange for my use -

- Rajasthani - (deep red-orange ) - tried this in a mix I got at an Indian store

- Yemeni - recently used this from Nightblooming - it freshest henna I've ever used and stains very well but have mixed it with 15% to 20% other red herbs like powdered hibiscus/ beetroot powder and rosehip tea.

- Red Raj? Haven't tried it that I know of.

I didn't use all of these hennas while I was going cherry cola red but used most of them.

Do I use a full treatment each time?

No! I only used a full treatment twice in 9 months but do color my roots every 2 weeks?

Did I add anything but water to my mix?

Yes! When I do my roots I add some herbal tea ( rosehip/ hibiscus or camomile ) a few drops of tea tree /peppermint/lavender/and or Rosemary. - helps the color stick to my greys and works for me

- a touch of honey & sometimes hibiscus flowers ground in a coffee grinder - 2 tbsps. max

- simmered red herbs always shifted my henna to a blue red

For Gloss use canned full-fat coconut milk in place of water - hydrates well for dry hair - impedes color absorption for oilier hair so not recommended.

How do you maintain color without going darker?

Do roots only, full gloss for occasional touch-ups.

Will it stain my clothes?

Yes, it can. Henna can be very messy so prepare for it to stain whatever it touches. face, ears, neck, towels, pillow, blouse, bath, shower, hands, comb, etc.

Can anyone get cherry cola or burgundy hair easily?

No! Not everyone has porous hair or a starting color that supports this type of hair coloring - oilier hair doesn't seem to stain as well - it washes out easily on some and on others, they can't seem to wash it out at all. Everyone's hair is different as well as their wash routine, the products they use, etc., so no two people will get the exact same results.

How long do I leave it on?

Two hours max.

Where do I get hibiscus powder?

Henna Sooq, Mountain Rose, Amazon, or you can purchase the dried flowers at health food stores or bulk barns (stores). Also often sold as tea.

Are there other ways of obtaining this color?

Many others have had success with 50% henna/ 50% hibiscus powder. I haven't tried it this way but when I did try it with 30% hibiscus powder it didn't seem to stain as well as using less red herbs in tea ( but that's where we are all different)

NOTE: This has worked for me but might not work the same for you.

Does your hair color look like your avatar photo?

No, because it reacts differently in a different light.

Is the henna for everyone?

No! Henna is orange-red- some strains color lighter some darker, some more copper, some more orange, some deep red BUT it's all orangey red underneath no matter what you mix it with. Often the other herbs will wash out leaving you with a base coat of orange red.

Is it high maintenance?

Yes! This color for me personally is high maintenance. I can't speak for others.

Does it wash out easily?

Not on me! I couldn't wash this out with anything. It's here for good.

Does henna smell nice?

It has an earthy fresh-cut grass scent that often lingers around for days. If you have hay fever and are sensitive to certain scents then this might not be for you.

If you get chilled easily then this might not be for you.

An application of henna lowers body core temperature and can give some people chills. Covering your head with plastic and then a towel or turban will help keep heat from escaping and stop any potential runs you might get.

Does it take long to color my hair?

Full henna will take much longer to do? At least half a day. Root touch-ups take 2 hours.

What's the best henna to use to get a blue-red versus an orange-red?

There's no henna strain better than others when it comes to staining hair. Each strain varies in color and individual characteristics but to get a deeper richer color that supports the cherry cola shift then 3 types are preferred by most:

Red Raj - Henna Sooq

Rajasthani - Henna Boys

Yemeni - Nightbloomng

Mixed henna - deep red & burgundy is questionable henna but that's my opinion and for you to decide.

Is this the only way to get this color?

No! There are other ways but this is how I did mine.

This entire thread was made as an experimental thread. It was never intended as a 'one size fits all recipe for the perfect cherry cola / burgundy color for every hair type and color.

There are pros and cons to coloring your hair whether you get it done professionally by someone else in a salon or DIY at home. The first will cost you money and trust in the ingredients being used and the colorist. The second takes time, dedication, patience, and knowledge which doesn't come all at once and the biggest difference between the two is that if it doesn't turn out the way you wanted, you can always blame the hair colorist. If you do this yourself then it's ALL on YOU!

The reason why I wish to express this is because many people have tried this and not gotten the results they wanted. Many people did get the results they wanted and some got the results they wanted but in a week it all washed out. 

Disclaimer: Please do the research you need to do before you start messing with color. Whether it's a conventional color or a herbal/natural one, it can be a drastic change that you may or may not like and since this is a 'do it YOURSELF thread then please take this into serious consideration. I don't wish to be held responsible for someone else's decision-making.

Happy coloring!

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