Vastu Tips: Is the money spent as it comes-Make Lakshmi Dance in Your Home

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Ever wondered why some homes seem to radiate happiness and wealth, while others struggle to find financial footing? The secret may lie in the ancient Indian art of Vastu Shastra. Even if the environment of the house is according to Vaastu, if there is no balance in the environment inside the house, there will be no Lakshmi Kataksham.

It is Lakshmi Kataksham who gives art and happiness to the home. Vastu Shastra is essential for attracting wealth as well as healthy living. Money is the most important thing in everyone's life. According to Vastu Shastra, to attract financial prosperity, one must appease the five basic elements of nature, fire, water, earth, air, and sky. Any one of these five elements is out of balance and can lead to major challenges, along with changes in the home environment. Even if the environment of the house is according to Vaastu, if there is no balance in the environment inside the house, there will be no Lakshmi Kataksham. For this, some Vastu Sutras must be followed.

1. The Majestic Metal of Prosperity: 

Copper SwastikIn the realm of Vastu, the South-East direction is a powerhouse of energy, resonating with the element of fire. It symbolizes activity, energy, and purity—traits pivotal for financial growth. Place a Copper Swastik here, and watch as it acts as a beacon, drawing prosperity and breaking down barriers to wealth. This isn't merely decorative; it's a talisman for wealth.

Action Step: Today, find a copper Swastik for your South-East corner. Its presence is said to ignite growth and dispel financial obstacles.

2. A Blue Haven for Your Wealth: 

The Money Box Imagine a blue money box in the North, adorned with a lotus, symbolizing purity and wealth—your personal treasure chest. In Vastu, the North is the domain of Kubera, the god of wealth. By placing a money box here and regularly depositing money, you're performing a ritual of growth. This act transforms your home into a magnet for financial stability.

Action Step: Start this ritual by getting a blue-colored money box. Make your first deposit with the intention of abundance.

3. Declutter for Wealth: 

Rethink Your Dustbin Placement Vastu isn't just about adding elements; it's also about strategic removal. The wrong placement of a dustbin can attract negativity, especially if placed in the North, West, or South-East, disrupting the financial harmony of your home. 

Action Step: Audit your home’s layout today. Relocate your dustbin to ensure it's not in these wealth zones, clearing the path for prosperity.

4.  The Eastern Promise: Installing a Wind Chime

A wind chime in the North or East works as a charm to break the stagnancy of energy, its melodious tinkles ushering in a breeze of positivity and wealth. The metal rods symbolize accumulation—each chime is a call for prosperity and serenity.

Action Step: Hang a metal wind chime at your North or East window, and let its music set the tone for abundance.

5. The Golden Path: Use Goldfish and Flowing Water

In the Northeast or North, the playful dance of goldfish in a fountain or aquarium mirrors the flow of prosperity. Moving water symbolizes clarity and the relentless pursuit of wealth. But remember, cleanliness is paramount, as it signifies financial clarity and flow.

Action Step: Set up a small fountain or aquarium. Let the lively movement of fish and water be a visual reminder of the flow of wealth into your life.

6. The Treasury of Light: Brighten the North

Illumination in the North sector of your home does more than just dispel darkness—it activates wealth energies. By ensuring this area remains well-lit, you invite divine prosperity and growth.

Action Step: Introduce a new lamp or simply increase lighting in the North. Let light be the harbinger of growth.

7. The Seed of Prosperity: Plant a Money Plant

Nestling a money plant in the Southeast corner is like planting a seed of financial destiny. This green emblem of prosperity thrives in Venus's quadrant, enhancing growth and vibrancy in financial affairs.

Action Step: Bring a money plant into your home, and place it in the South-East. Nurture it as you would your financial goals.

8. The Sanctity of Space: Ensure a Clutter-free North-East

Clutter can stifle the flow of positive energy, especially in the Northeast, a sacred sector for prosperity and spiritual well-being. Keeping this area pristine opens channels for wealth and opportunities.

Action Step: Dedicate time to declutter and sanctify your northeast corner. Create a clear space for prosperity to flow.

9. The Anchor of Stability: Place Heavy Objects in the South-West

Stability in financial matters can often be rooted in the physical realm—specifically, through anchoring the southwest with heavy furniture. This solidity translates to a stable foundation for wealth accumulation.

Action Step: Review your South-West sector. Consider placing heavy furniture here as a foundation for both physical and financial stability.

10. The Welcoming Gateway: Enhance Your Main Entrance

Your entrance is more than a doorway; it's a portal for prosperity. Adorning it with auspicious hues like bright yellow or deep wood and ensuring it’s unobstructed, welcomes wealth with open arms.

Action Step: Evaluate your entrance. Could it be more welcoming to prosperity? Consider a fresh coat of paint or decluttering to invite positive energy.

In Conclusion:

Align your home with these Vastu principles, transforming it into a symphony of prosperity and happiness. Let each action, from placing the Copper Swastik to brightening the North, be a step in the divine dance of abundance. Make your home a place where Lakshmi not only visits but decides to dance joyously, bringing art, happiness, and endless prosperity.


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